Pahichan Nepal

Delegation Meeting with honorable Mrs. Aava Kumari Singh, Madhesi Commission Office, Kathmandu

  Date: 5th July 2023 Pahichan Nepal, Mrs. Ichhya K.C Mahato delegation program meeting with honorable Mrs. Aava Kumari Singh, Mr. Rudra Prasad Lamichhane, and Deputy Secretary Sabita Dangol for the further collaboration to ensure the right and inclusion of Madhesi Women with disabilities at Madhesi Commission Office, Kathmandu. During the discussion, Pahichan Nepal, Ms. … Read more

Delegation and Advocacy Meeting among Women with Disabilities and Simranghad coordination committee

Dialogues series with WWDS and multiple stakeholders. Pahichan Nepal has accomplished the workshop with multiple stakeholders at Simranghad Municipality, dated 6th May 2023. For the training, we included 40 women with disabilities including visually impaired, partially sighted, and having physical disabilities in Madesh Province. The workshop consists of local ward representatives from Simranghad municipality along … Read more

Intervention for the Promotion and protection of the rights of Madhesi Women with Disability

Dialogues series with WWDS and multiple stakeholder. Pahichan Nepal completed its first phase in Kalaya Municipality, Bara, Madesh Pradesh, which took place from 1st April to 3rd April 2023 with the support of the Disability Rights Fund. For the training, we included 40 women with disabilities, including those who were visually impaired, partially sighted, deaf, … Read more

Addressing Sexual health and Reproductive Rights of Women with Disabilities

Under the support of Women’s Fund Asia, Pahichan Nepal successfully conducted 3 days orientation program on sexual and reproductive health including 30 women with disabilities in the first phase of the training dated on 29th march to 31st march whereas the second phase of the training was conducted at Women’s Humanitarian Rehabilitation (WHR) Nepal on … Read more

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