Pahichan Nepal

Addressing Sexual health and Reproductive Rights of Women with Disabilities

Under the support of Women’s Fund Asia, Pahichan Nepal successfully conducted 3 days orientation program on sexual and reproductive health including 30 women with disabilities in the first phase of the training dated on 29th march to 31st march whereas the second phase of the training was conducted at Women’s Humanitarian Rehabilitation (WHR) Nepal on 7th May 2022 to 9th May 2022 with 35 visually impaired girls and women with disabilities addressing their sexual health and reproductive rights including the visually impaired women leaders as well from 10 different districts. A registered Nurse of government hospital was hired as a facilitator. She used a very unique way to make the visually impaired women understand about the sexual health. The tactile method was used to orient the cervix, and contraceptive devices. The participants were oriented one by one making them to touch and explaining its method to use. In the closing ceremony and on the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene day on 28th May, we organized a one day session on menstrual hygiene and reproductive health for the visually impaired girls and women. A group of visually impaired girls also performed an informative drama on menstrual hygiene. The participants gave a big applaud for initiating such an informative training and suggested to conduct such programs more often for the visually impaired girls and women.

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