Pahichan Nepal

About Pahichan

Pahichan (The Identity) is a non-governmental organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are committed to empowering marginalized women with disabilities who might be unmarried, widows or divorced. It will be done through creating a living, learning and working environment. We will enhance women’s skills, boost-up their confidence and enable them to live independent lives with dignity. 

Our board member comprises 9 member including single women and women with disability. In Nepal, there is single women policy, guidelines, social allowance, facility and district single women committee. Since 20 years, NGO is working for the issue of single women. However, women with disability have not access on it. Within the single women, marginalized and disability women are more victim and under privilege.  There is an assortment of stigma, superstition and ignorance that are associated with disability. The beauty and relevance of all this in our life has come from the fact that being discriminated, or even worse, having the feeling of not being valued, has resulted in making a stronger, resolute woman of ourselves. From our own experienced and our friend, we have acknowledge the fact that “Nothing about us, without us”. Therefore, in the initiation of Ms. Ichhya K.C a Nepali blind woman, an active  group member of single and marginalized women with disability committee has been formulated in 2017. Since, we have started to raise the issue and rights of single and marginalized women with disability.We have conducted several workshop in the participation and collaboration of Ujyalo Foundation, Women for Human Rights (WHR),Blind Women Association, Nepal Disabled Women Association and Department of children and Women. 

A visually impaired woman walking in the world.

From our research, we have found the significant on the issue of single women with disability and its project validity.  After graduate from ‘kanthari institution’ course 2018, a renowned international leadership, intensive training program; Ichhya has decided to convert that strong committee into organization strength. Then , on Feb, 2019 Pahichan-Nepal (The Identity) has been legally registered. Now Pahichan-Nepal is working continuously as a Social Enterprise that would eventually make meaningful impact in the society.

In Nepal, women’s role is restricted to taking care of the husband’s house, giving birth to his babies and nurturing cultural practices. Strict patriarchal system, norms, religious practice and social boundaries hinder women from being active, contributing agents in society.

Women with disabilities, face the double brunt of patriarchy as well as the stigma associated with having disabilities. Women with disabilities are often considered as marriageable and are seen as weak members of the society. However, Pahichan will utilize this state of affairs as an advantage. We will encourage women with disabilities in Nepal to discover their independent identity regardless of their marital status and shall strive to upgrade their living status.

Our Vision Mission Goal and Objectives


Every single and marginalized woman with disabilities get equal and dignified recognition in the society.


To empower single and marginalized women with disabilities economically, socially, politically and culturally.


Every single and marginalized woman with disabilities rediscover their own identity, live dignified lives and build an equitable community for themselves.


1. To rehabilitate single and marginalized women with disabilities

2. To provide every opportunity to strengthen the capacity of single women and marginalized with disabilities.

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