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Promoting Entrepreneurship training and support for person with disability [29th November -3rd December 2021]
Delegation Meeting with honorable Mrs. Aava Kumari Singh, Madhesi Commission Office, Kathmandu 2023/07/05
Intervention for the Promotion and protection of the rights of Madhesi Women with Disability [1st April to 3rd April 2023]
Delegation and Advocacy Meeting among Women with Disabilities and Simranghad coordination committee [6th May 2023]
Three-day culinary training for single and marginalized women with disabilities to promote healthy eating and self-employment [Saturday 2080/02/06 to Monday 2080/02/08]
Leadership and capacity development Training for 10 days [12th February 2023]
2019 Memories
Pahichan Nepal 2019
Ichhya K.C
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