Pahichan Nepal

Leadership and Capacity Development Training

Under the support of TEWA Nepal, Pahichan Nepal (The Identity) successfully
accomplished 10 days workshop on leadership and capacity development in the
inclusion of participants from intersectionality i.e., from different regions castes,
race, religion, and ethnicity. Regarding this, 21 participants present from 7
different provinces and the organization’s board and staff under the objective to
build up professionalism in the women leaders working in different organizations.
The workshop started with day virtual session on leadership and personality
development; meanwhile, from the following day the workshop continued at Hotel
Taj, Bagbazar, Kathmandu. The workshop was themed on leadership and capacity
development considering proposal/report writing, financial management,
orientation on fundraising strategy, and communication skills. In the course of
training, the issues and challenges; that the WWDs are facing were also discussed
and specialized to advocate it in the concerned authority. Through several group
activities, participants were made to exercise the learnings from the session.
Moreover, the program was successfully executed with a big applaud from the
participants that Pahichan was well appreciated by the disability activists and
participants. We were appealed to conduct more programs frequently
acknowledging the women leaders with disabilities from several remote regions.
Concluding to this, the workshop gave a productive and fruitful outcome.

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