Pahichan Nepal

Collaboration with WHR Nepal



In the collaboration of WHR Nepal, Pahichan has successfully conducted two days interaction program in two different group, regarding the topic of covid 19 impact in the life of women with disability on 28th-29th July 2020.  Participant has shared their existing economic problem, anxiety, mental and physical violence during lockdown.   More than local entity, they received positive remarks and relief materials from an individual and DPOs. Some of the women were forced to shift from rented room and  other are suffering from medication. Almost all are worried about uncertainty future, mostly for their income source. Even current issue of citizenship was also discussed among participant. We were excited to know that all the participant were conscious regarding safety method to fight against covid.  We would like to express sincere gratitude to NFDN for providing its space, WHR for collaboration, to all the participant for their physical presence by applying all the prevention method.


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