Pahichan Nepal

Soft Dolls and Key rings making training

A skill based training with the motive of empowering women with disabilities was successfully conducted with the donation support of TEWA Nepal. The training was 10 days long started from 29th September with 10 participants having physical disability, low vision, blind and deaf. The training was facilitated by women trainers with physical disability and the deaf participants were voluntarily supported by sign language interpreter. Participants with different disabilities had difficulty in stitching and cutting before the training program so the training program and the facilitators focused on providing them with some special and useful techniques to make the task easier for them so that they can use the learned skill to promote women entrepreneurship and to promote financial stability in them and live a dignified life.

By the end of the training, the participants were skilled in the manufacturing of soft dolls and key-ring and were confident about using the skill to be financial stable and lead a sustained and dignified life for themselves. Participants were also informed and taught about the marketing ideas for the product they learned to manufacture so that they can easily get good market place to sell the soft dolls and key-ring in reasonable prices leading them to earn enough income to sustain a relatively comfortable life. The motive of initiating this training program seemed to complete its criteria and had progressive impact on the participants’ mindset about their confidence in generating their own income for financial sustainability.


  • To promote self- entrepreneurship in women with different disability.
  • To support them in learning income based skills.
  • To initiate and promote the idea that women with disabilities can also learn entrepreneurship skill.
  • To support the women with disability to be financially independent.
  • To develop and boost confidence in participants about their potential and belief to lead a dignified life.
  • To aware the participants about utilization of their full potential so that they can empower themselves further without any support.
  • To support the participants with the product marketing and exposure.
  • To counsel the participants about business strategies and product promotion techniques.


  • By the end of the session, participants were skilled enough to manufacture and sell their products in market.
  • Participants were aware about the business strategies and ideas required to establish a business and entrepreneurship firm.
  • The training session and further counseling about related skill and business promotion gave them confidence and inspired them to utilize their acquired skills in income generation.
  • Having the skill and strategies supported their will of leading and sustaining a dignified and comfortable life.
  • Participants learned and realized the importance of being financially independent.
  • Participants got the support for their further entrepreneurship and business ideas.
  • Stakeholders and local entities assured to provide required marketing support to sell the manufactured product by the participants.

 Throughout the training sessions, participants were encouraged to develop their skills for income generation which led to their demand for extending the training session for few more days so that they can practice and learn additional skills under the trainer’s guidance. They also wanted to join more of such skill-based training sessions in upcoming days which was quite motivating for us. Because of our team effort and proper management the training session was successfully completed and the impressed stakeholders provided commitment to further help participants with deserving and reasonable market value for their financial liberation and sustainable business establishment through that skill.

All the facilitators, stakeholders, volunteers, participants and our team members were satisfied with the successful completion of the program and were motivated to conduct more of such training sessions in coming days.

Our donor organization Tewa Nepal also gave us applause and appreciated our efforts and the contribution we have been providing to support and liberate the life of women with disabilities which made our whole purpose of initiating and conducting such programs worth.

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