Pahichan Nepal

Case story of A happy independent single blind women.

Prasansa Chhetri, a single blind woman, expert therapist, works in SING Hands Massage blind center. She has become one of the motivation human among blind people through her untold stories of struggle.

 ” I believe in transformation of weakness to strength. No matter who you are- male or female, which country you belong- developed or underdeveloped, how much domination you face, we all must have courage to change.”

 Ms. Chhettri travelled Kathmandu all the way from Terai with a hope of better education and a independent and dignified life. At the age of 24, she decided to turn her love affair into a marital life. Inspite of  having educated family, she was outcasted for being a blind girl. During her 3 months of pregnancy, her husband left her behind in a rented room. She took a bold step and gave birth to a baby boy struggling with her economic constraint. She turned her every tears and sadness into strength. She proved her the existence of ability in disability. Now her son become 4 years and live with his independent bold mom.


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